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Train Your Brain to be a Leader

"To Create Mindful Leaders We Must Start with Mindful Children" by Mia Doces

In this program, your child will learn how to train and rewire their Brain through fun, engaging techniques and games just like the pros do to improve their performance.  

Your children will learn practical tools:

  • to visualize their way to peak performance  
  • to refocus their thoughts to provide strength and perseverance
  • to be in charge of  their lives

Check out this link for an example of how Mindful leaders are successful because they lead with a clear head and open heart.

More Details: Student Group

Minimum of 4 students / Maximum of 10 students. 

6-session program for 60 min. 

The sessions can be offered multiple times a week to accommodate different age groups or additional sessions based on demand and scheduling as need.

Learn "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen" Introduction

Tired of repeating yourself? Frustrated with the one-word answers? Trying to figure out what’s going on in your kids’ life? 

This workshop is based on the best selling book "How to talk So Kids Will Listen" with a More Power... Less Pressure spin which will help improve your relationship and communication with your kids and learn how to get them to really talk to you!

More Details: Adult Group

Minimum of 4 Parents/ Maximum of 10 parents 

Introduction and 

3-additional session program for 60 min. 

The sessions can be offered multiple times a week  based on demand and scheduling as need.

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